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About Wooded Wetlands

Wooded Wetlands is located 35 miles east of downtown Tallahassee. Florida on US 27.  It is located on 18+ acres of land which includes about 10 acres of swamp and woodland.  I have raised wild waterfowl for over 40 years.  I normally maintain about 200 breeding birds in two large flight pens. 

Along with the waterfowl I normally keep a few pheasant, peafowl, bantam chickens and pigeons.  I also breed Boston Terrier dogs and live bearing tropical fish.

All of the animals that I list for sale are top breeding quality.  However, occassionally I do have waterfowl, gamebirds, pigeons and even pups that have technical flaws that I will sell for reduced prices.  If you are interested in pet quality critters, you will have to contact me directly to see if anything and what may be available.

Wooded Wetlands
14431 North US 19 · Lamont, FL 32336
Phone: 850-948-7926 · Fax:
E-mail: info@WoodedWetlands.info

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